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Lube Oils, Greases & Petro-Chem

Pioneering the handling of heavy drums and pails.

Since 1976, PASCO has been leading the industry forward, making the automated handling and palletizing of heavy drums and pails precise and reliable. With hundreds of customer installations, nearly all of which are still in operation, we have built an unmatched reputation for safety, reliability and efficiency.

We are proud to be the only integrator and manufacturer offering FANUC robots for explosive environments. We offer both robotic and conventional machines for every situation and environment.


  • Extreme-duty belt-driven zoned roller conveyor with Poly-V and Timing Belt Drives

  • Integrated pail de-nesting, lid placing, bail orientation, palletizing and stretch wrapping

  • Mechanical end-of-arm tools handle up to four five-gallon pails at once

  • Vacuum end-of-arm tools pick up to four five-gallon pails, cases or drums with no tool changeover

  • Empty drum handling, orientation and palletizing of any drum size with one end-of-arm tool

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