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We're by your side, no matter what.

PASCO® PDQ™ Service

All robotic automation systems are subject to wear and tear, accidental damage and, often, just plain old Murphy’s Law. Stuff happens. (Usually on the 3rd shift, right?) That’s why we offer PASCO® PDQ™ Service. PDQ customers are guaranteed to have a PASCO® technician on site the same day. That’s right, often within hours of your call, our technician or mechanic will be en route to your location – with the right tools and parts – by car, by plane, or whatever it takes. Our use of General Aviation private aircraft means we can be in the air, and at a local airport near your facility, Pretty Darn Quick. The PASCO® PDQ Service is part of our Relentless Pursuit of Better.


Genuine PASCO® parts when you need them.

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We all know that some of the largest players in the packaging industry have, for years, made very significant profits by placing their own, proprietary part numbers on common components.

This means that their customers are faced with a choice – guess as to which exact part they need or buy the part from them at an exorbitant markup. For more than 40 years, PASCO® has kept its promise to never replace common industry part numbers with our own part numbers.

In fact, we provide a full list of parts with each machine that includes everything you need to order parts locally from your established vendors. This is the PASCO® way.

FANUC Certified Integrator

There are very few FANUC Certified Servicing Integrators. Why? It’s the highest level of factory certification. The path to certification is long, costly and demanding. And what does it mean? As a Certified Servicing Integrator, PASCO® offers the exact same level of knowledge and capability as FANUC factory technicians, which includes the ability to provide factory authorized warranty service.

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