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Cement Sacks Pile

PASCO understands that every type of bag or bundle requires knowing all of the environmental conditions that may change from day-to-day or even hour-to-hour. We are well versed in all types of bags and have developed the right equipment to handle them all, from valve bags and open mouth, to form fill seals, and bundles – and everything in between.

Whether your product is pellets, powder, cubes or granules, we have expertise to help you handle it. We understand the many challenges of processing and packaging including various flow properties, moisture issues, bulk densities and other factors.




Manually or automatically adjustable tool for multiple bag sizes

Bundle tool attachment sets up in under a minute

Tools designed for 8 million cycle lifespans

Speeds up to 10,000 bags per shift

Robotic placing and filling of valve and open mouth bags, including gusseted bags

Ultrasonic and sewn closures

Full layer handling of up to 140 bags per minute

Hybrid layer forming/robotic full layer design

50-lb bags up to

24 per minute

5, 7, 10-lb bags up to

64 per minute

End-of-arm tools with 8 million cycles useful life

Integrated wrappers and hooders

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