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PacSmart™ Mark III

Productive Automated Systems Corporation (PASCO) is providing parts and service support for all egg packaging and palletizing machinery formerly manufactured by Smart Motion Robotics.

PASCO® has re-engineered common wear parts for the SmartPacker line with the assistance of engineers previously with Smart Motion Robotics.

PacSmart is a complete solution to automated case packing of eggs. It’s two-robot design enables the operator to pack 2 different types of packages into 2 different types and sizes of cases at the same time. Each robot is fully independent, enabling robotic automation to maintain continuous operation on one side while undergoing maintenance, cleaning, etc. on the other side.


  • Up to 170 cases per hour

  • Two fully-independent robots with zero changeover between products

  • Legendary FANUC dependability is matched with PASCO® mechanical design for millions of cycles useful life.

  • Two fully-independent packer robots on one frame

  • Easy to clean with with full sliding access doors from top to bottom!

  • Compatible with all grader models - Diamond, Moba, & Staalkat

  • End-of-arm tooling is universal - no changeovers required for cartons or flats!

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