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Image by Oliver Paaske



Since our first machines in the landscape industry went into service, we have relentlessly improved our designs, right down to the smallest detail. While many of our first machines are still in operation, our newest designs deliver better-than-ever efficiency, in an industry where even a penny per bag makes all the difference.

From short, heavy loads of decorative rock to extra tall loads of mulch, PASCO engineers have worked side-by-side with the largest landscape brands to ensure their products arrive at their destination in good shape, ready for retail. While many machines might buckle under the pressure, PASCO automation equipment delivers, even in the harsh, rough environment that defines ‘normal’ in this industry.


PASCO integrated FANUC robots offering 100,000 hours MTBF

End-of-arm tools designed for 8 million cycles before replacement

Severe-duty conveyors, pallet dispensers and ancillary equipment

Low maintenance, long life bearings

Simple operator interface with

on-screen troubleshooting


  • High-speed bag fillers – valve bags, open mouth bags and F.F.S

  • Bag flatteners

  • Robotic palletizers up to 25 bags / minute

  • Layer forming and squaring up to 42 bags / minute

  • Stretch wrappers

  • Stretch hooders

  • 3-nines availability

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