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Automated Packaging Systems

Find Robotic Automation Solutions
For Your Packaging Plant

Automate Your Packaging Process

The packaging industry knows PASCO. 

Our innovative solutions started with Robotic Automation Processes with your bottom-line in mind. Understanding that one second can cost one million is key to keeping automation- automated and we get it. 

All-Material Packaging with Robotics

PASCO’s automated packaging solutions are designed to handle up to 100 lbs palletized bags at up to 24 per minute, multiple bag sizes handled with no changeover, multiple pail types and sizes handled with no changeover at up to 48 per minute, and even an industry-first automatic doily placer.


And if that wasn’t enough, our end-of-arm tools are designed for 8 million cycles of use—that means they’ll last for years without replacement!


Packaging Solutions with Zero Down Time - Robotic Automation

Automation is about more than just machines. It's about being able to adapt your business to changing conditions. It's about being able to respond quickly, repeatedly and without the need for manual processes such as pushing buttons or flipping switches. Any change - improvement or not, left the operations at a standstill. 

Who has time to waste?

Packaging Solutions
Sans Human Intervention

The old-school automation strategy was usually an all-or-nothing proposition. Facilities had to invest in large machines that handled one part of the process, sometimes connecting those machines via a complex system of conveyors. Any changes in the production process were left behind. 

Miscommunication and the likelihood of human-error has been aggressively evolving with the number of distractions in the workplace.  This can cost billions in wasted revenue.  

We're here to change that.

What Type of Packaging Can be Automated?

Food & Beverage

Chemicals & Polymers

Lumber & Wooden Goods

Beauty & Soaps

Clothing & Textiles


Package Your Product with Robotic Automations


From homemade mom & pop shop goodies to the bagged ice that cools the entire county. PASCO provides efficient,  easy-to-operate bagging solutions. 


An expensive resource to waste, metal packaging solutions need an air-tight process for success. 


Nationwide and global shippers alike love the ability to box their products with precision -thanks to our automations instilled. 


Bottling, shaping and precise placements for any tough packaging problems - automation for plastics provides a sense of control. 


Liquids need sturdy containment to travel without any product loss. Cut your losses by incorporating a safe-haven for barrel-filling stations and watch the savings grow. 

Paper Products

Recyclable shipping containers and the demand for sustainable packaging solutions are streamlined with a done-for-you approach. 

Find Savings in Your Packaging Solutions with PASCO Automation Systems

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