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How Robotic Automation Drives Employee Retention

PASCO Robotic Automation Systems Drive Happy Employee Retention

Attract, Train and Retain Skilled Workers in Your Industry

The Growing Challenge of Finding Qualified Workers in Packaging

Plant managers are increasingly facing the challenge of not being able to find qualified workers to fill positions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, the gap in the number of jobs and potential applicants is predicted to widen over the next 10 years to nearly 2.4 million unfilled positions. This growing challenge can be a detriment to efficiency and productivity in factories across the U.S.

Younger Generations Not Considering Factory Work

Younger generations of workers are not considering manufacturing positions as a viable career option due to the misconception that factory work is dirty and offers no potential for career growth.

Technology within the manufacturing realm continues to evolve and agencies at a standstill will continue to lose market share if an integration is not made. Thankfully, many plants have begun the process of automation.

With the advancement of technology, robots have become standard additions to end of line automation, greatly reducing the number of workers required and making the job more efficient and less labor intensive.

High Turnover Rate Releases with Automation Capabilities

The tight labor market is driving workers to change jobs at an ever-increasing pace, making it harder for plant managers to find and retain skilled employees. This high turnover rate can have a major impact on the efficiency of factories and disrupt the workflow, leading to lower yields and less productivity.

Invest in your Packaging Automation; Invest in Your Employees' Future

Offering career advancement with an automation system is a surefire approach for future recruitment. To learn more about careers in automation, click here.

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